Where Do You Do It Guide

The "Where Do You Do It?" Guide is a really useful resource for finding courses at Universities, Colleges and other Registered Training Organisations across NSW and the ACT.

It allows you to look up a particular field of study, eg: "Health Sciences and Nursing" and then also specific study areas within that field, and see what Universities/Colleges offer that type of course.

So for example, if you were to look up the "Health Sciences and Nursing" field and then the "Nutrition and Dietetics" area within that, you can see who offers courses in this area (you will actually find that there are 10 institutions that offer these courses).

To open or download the "Where Do You Do It?" Guide - click here.

Please Note: This guide is kindly produced and donated to Careers Advisers by NAPSA NSW/ACT (www.napsanswact.com.au) through the Careers Advisers Association of NSW and the ACT.